This is an absolutely delicious treat to spice up your turkey and stuffing this holiday season! We like to eat them on their own but alongside some turkey is soooo worth the wait! You need only 2 ingredients but 2.5 weeks of fermentation....you still have time!!!


  • Fresh washed cranberries (amount depends on your jar)
  • Gordo's Honey Heat - Original Honey & Chili Pepper
    • Fill your jar with fresh cranberries. Pack them into the top without damaging the cranberries.
    • Squeeze enough honey to fill the jar to the top. You may need to add more honey after it settles in after a couple of minutes.
    • Close the jar and leave for 2.5 weeks turning it over and burping it every second day.
    • After 2.5 - 3 weeks, you will have some delicious, fermented cranberries!!! If you have any food safety concerns, use a PH strip and look for a PH between 3.5-4.5. Enjoy!!


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